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Anna Echols

09 Jun Anna Echols

03.2013  Anna Echols
Diagnosed at 25

Anna was 25 and in her 1st year of marriage when she found a small, dark mole on her back.  She had never been to the dermatologist before, but decided to go get it checked it out. She was diagnosed with stage 3b melanoma.  Among other things, this diagnosis meant melanoma had spread to her lymph nodes.  Anna had surgery that removed the area around the melanoma and removed 13 lymph nodes under her arm.  She then spent one month getting daily IV treatments of interferon.  After the first month of treatment, she received interferon shots 3 times a week for the remainder of the year.  Anna has been cancer free now for 9 years.  She and her husband now have 2 wonderful children.



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