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David Berend – Kansas City MO

27 Apr David Berend – Kansas City MO

My husband, David Berend has fought Melanoma for 16 years. It started on his nose and started growing and turned black, so I made an appointment. The doctor immediately took a biopsy and told him it was Melanoma. They had to cut ½ of his nose off and then shaped it the best they could. He had to take a pill daily for a year and it made him sick and he quit taking it. He had two doctors now a dermatologist and an oncologist checking him every three months but every time we were in the clear another place showed up and it was Melanoma. The doctor told him if he could make it five years then his chances of survival were 80% survival rate.

I always checked his moles or any suspicious areas for him and he almost made it to five years and then two more appeared on his back. They had to cut so deep on his lower back that they had to use wire to keep the incisions closed until it healed. Then in 2013 three more have showed up, one on his temple, forehead, and his left breast all were Melanoma. The one on his breast they cut wide and deep and almost made it to his lymph nodes so the doctors are watching him closely. He doesn’t let it bother him and not to get upset as the doctor said stress would hurt him more than help him. We are lucky they haven’t metastasized but I live in fear that someday it won’t be good news.

David’s family carries the gene for Melanoma! His two aunts, Mother, cousins, have died of Melanoma as well as our daughter. We thank God every day to be alive and well.

Lynne Berend

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