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James Hill Norvell

02 May James Hill Norvell

James Hill Norvell April 15, 1947 – Oct 21, 2010

My dad, James Hill Norvell, was diagnosed October of  2009 with melanoma. He had that spot onhis back forever, but would never see a doctor. The melanoma spread to his brain 7 months later in May of 2010; that horrible disease took his life October 21, 2010. Dad was an avid outdoorsman; tennis, fishing, golf, baseball.  All of this without sunscreen. He liked to be tan. Dad was very handsome & athletic; he worked out almost everyday. So it was so difficult to watch this disease consume him. We were so blessed that he didn’t suffer long. When I got the call from hospice that he had maybe 24 hours, I drove from Dallas to him in Conroe, Texas. God let me lie in bed with Dad for 7 hours before he died. He was only 63. I was able to snuggle w/my Superman one more time until he took his last breath. Dad was surrounded by his wife, oldest son, and me. As soon as my lttle brother got there, he said “I love you, Dad” & kissed him…Dad gasped twice and died. So beautiful.

I am now informing everyone I know about the dangers of tanning beds & sunburns. I hope I can save at least one soul from having to go through this. It is just not worth it. Our family will never be the same without Dad; but I refuse to let his death be for no reason. I will forever teach people what I know. :(

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