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Stefanie Young

09 Jun Stefanie Young

I worked my way thru college at a tanning bed. I was the typical tanner that thought I couldn’t get hurt from a little tanning. I never in a million years thought that I would be fighting cancer from it, let alone at 40.

I went to the dr because I had a red “pimple” on my collar bone that wouldn’t go away.  I’d had if for a long time and didn’t think it could be anything serious. I’d always heard that skin cancer was a black mole that was raised and suspicious. How could my “blemish” possible be cancerous. It didn’t  fit the profile. Boy was I ever wrong…

Now  I’m having surgery every 3 weeks lately to have more and more lesions removed. The longer I stay out of the tanning beds, the more lesions pop up.  I  look painfully deformed.  Instead of a golden tan now I see the ugly truth that is written in deep purple scars all over me. And the worst part is I did this to myself. I say going into every trip to the operating room that I won’t complain about the pain because its my fault.  I have 17 incisions so far from 4 surgeries over the last 2 months with over 30 lesions that have been removed and terrified that my surgeon will say “Chemo” to me.  It all could have been avoided if I’d just listen to the warnings.

This year for Christmas I’m putting travel size tubes of SPF 50 in all of my family’s stockings. Let them laugh at me. I’ll be glad to defend my reasons!

Stefanie Young
Cancer Survivor.

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