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Jefferson City, Missouri

This is the city where changes are made. There is no better place to bring awareness about melanoma and skin cancer than Jefferson City, MO. In 2018 the chapter that was closing for Amalyn and was a door opening for our family to continue Miles Against Melanoma. We look forward to growing this organization, continuing the traditional 5K event and look to add more fundraising and awareness in the future.

Founded in 2010, St. Louis served as the umbrella for multiple cities through the past 8 years.  St. Louis hosts a 5K in the spring and co-hosts a trivia night with Warriors Against Melanoma every May.   We have several other smaller fundraisers through the year.  The founder of Miles Against Melanoma, Amalyn Martin, had to make a hard decision to discontinue the St. Louis chapter in 2018. 

Contact Director Megan Collins and Ashley Watts to see how to help these raise funds and awareness. These sisters work so hard at educating individuals about melanoma because they lost their sister, Madison, at the age of 19, to melanoma.

Lynne Berend lost her daughter, Amy, to melanoma.  Amy left behind two daughters.  It was because of this that Lynne started and directs the Kansas City, Missouri 5K each spring.

Contact Director, Heather Joyner, or visit their website to see how you can get involved in their 5K event every April!

Contact Director Lo Hengst to see how to get involved!

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