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In Memory of Levi Lutz 

Levi Lutz, was diagnosed with Melanoma Cancer in September, 2016.  There was a tumor in his ear canal.  The tumor and some lymphomas were removed.  He began radiation and an immunotherapy. He was told that he would be on immune therapy for 3 years.  Between December, 2016 and June, 2018, he was on several different immunotherapies.  Some, two at a time and also a chemo pill twice a day as the lesions grew and disappeared.  At the end of June, 2018, they said he was NED.  The doctors report stated that they were all surprised that he had made it thus far. 


Suddenly at the end of August, he started having severe migraine headaches, nausea, and seizures.  Within 48 hours, they found that he had LMD - leptomeningeal disease.  This is a rare form of cancer that attacks the spinal fluid and brain fluid.  He got to Houston MD Anderson and was accepted in a trial.  He came back home to Asheville for radiation treatments first.  By the time he went back to Houston MD Anderson, his LMD was so much worse that they would not do that particular trial.  They requested him to stay for a different trial that would require him to take a treatment once a week for 6 weeks.  He refused.  The cost to go back and forth to Houston or to even stay there was too expensive.  At this point, he just wanted to come back home and be with his wife, friends, and dogs.  He continued his regular immunotherapy once every three weeks. 


By mid-October, he was losing his eyesight.  This is one of the side effects of LMD.  He had to have someone with him most all of the time due to the seizures.  He was not able to drive either and was a real champ accepting this.  He fought a fight of champions and continued on the immune therapy for weeks. 


Levi passed away on December 16, 2018 from Sepsis and Melanoma.  The sepsis was the side effect of the immune therapy.  He never told any of us just how bad he felt until the night of the 15th when he went to the ER. He truly fought this battle with all he had. And was a true warrior.


Levi loved driving and riding in his CAM-AM Maverick Buggy. He loved being with his friends, dogs, campfires, and fireworks.


His mother, wife and family want to help increase awareness of melanoma with his story. If you would like to make a donation in honor of Levi click the button below. All donations will be used for Melanoma research and to help others with Melanoma afford treatments. 

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