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       -The Family And Community Assistance Program helps families with medical expenses directly related to treating stage 3 and 4 metastatic melanoma.  We can assist with any type of medical bill, including:  office copays, annual deductibles, prescription medication, hospital bills, and health care premiums, including COBRA premiums.

Effective 2019 the Family Assistance program will be first dedicated to helping  patient affected with Melanoma from Missouri. As we are a small nonprofit based from Mid Missouri we have chosen to focus our Family Assistance Program in Missouri. This will allow us to talk directly to the surrounding hospital social workers. Allowing the social workers and our organization handle the referral for the Family Assistance Program will  allow the patients to focus on healing and continuing their fight against Melanoma. 

Since Melanoma is one of the most preventable cancers we have decided to direct more funding towards prevention. Effective  January, 2020 our formerly known Family Assistance program will be evolving to The Family and Community Assistance Program. This will allow us to provide local schools, preschools, licensed daycare centers with sunscreen and sunscreen dispensers.

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